• Kasper Brofist

    Profile picture!!

    February 3, 2012 by Kasper Brofist

    Hello, fellow anit-humorists(?). I am no longer the anonymous bastard that goes around adding pages to the wiki! I finally got a profile picture! If you are a true gamer/swedish/youtuber you will understand who the picture is made for :D That's right, Pewdiepie! (I didn't make the picture btw.) So........... see ya'll later.

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  • Mr.Zalgopasta

    Ohai Mark!

    Let me start off by saying welcome to the wiki and thank you for your contributions!

    The point of this blog: WE HAVE A CHAT!!!! That's right. Thanks to Bill, who ever so gratiously enabled a chat feature, we have a chat room available for use!

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