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A Horse Walking Into a BarAnti-Humor WikiArticle Listing
BBoy Drops His Ice CreamC
Crab CatastropheDE
How Do You Make a Plumber CryIIn Vegas
MNNo arms and legs
QQ: After the surgery, what did the duck look like?Q: How did the man drink his beer?
Q: How did the man trip?Q: What did the man get in his present?Q: What did the wolf say when he walked into the bar?
Q: When did the clock turn 12:00?Q: When did the man die?Q: When did the year 1997 happen?
Q: Why did the car crash into the wall?Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?Q: Why did the chicken die while crossing the road?
Q: Why did the creature walk into the bar?Q: Why did the dog sing?Q: Why did the lion eat the man?
Q: Why did the man cross the road?Q: Why did the mother give birth to her son?R
SSite RulesSpam
TTeh Gallery of Teh LawlzThe Orphan
There once was a man that was so awesome...Traumatized WomenU
VWWhat Happened to the Skydiver Who Forgot His Parchute at Home?
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?Why did the hater hate?Why did the snowman melt?
Why was tiger looking down the toilet?XY
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